Self-Portrait of Raymond Enriquez under ocean water floating above sand with legs crossed and hands in a meditate stance, shirtless with blue shorts looking down toward clouds of sand.

Raymond Enriquez is an award-winning artist from Oahu, Hawaii. He seeks to photograph the essence and elegance of his subjects. With his use of color and dynamic lighting techniques, he aims to instill a sense of liveliness within his subjects that create a subconscious connection within the viewer. He began his journey through photography at the age of 15.

He then went on to follow his passion at the Academy of Art University, graduating with a Bachelors of Fine Art in Photography in 2018. His work has been exhibited in numerous galleries and exhibitions throughout North America, Hawaii, and the United Kingdom.


“Photographing nature aids in the understanding of my own self-awareness. It eases my mind and soul and momentarily allows me to forget about any stress, anxieties or insecurities in life. When I connect with nature, I feel that I am able to live in the present moment; indulged in the vibrations of the earth, its beauty, and its ability to evoke a sense of wonder and imagination.
On the quest to express gratitude for nature, my work portrays the tranquil, refreshing and healing powers of the earth, with hopes to encourage preservation, self-awareness, and self-healing. “

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Hawaii Fine Art Nature Photographer || Honolulu, Hawaii.