Dealing with the Loss of Loved Ones

Dealing with the loss of loved ones is something we all have to endure at some point in time. It is an inevitable event in life that comes with being a human being. Sometimes it comes suddenly with no warning and other times, it comes as a complete shock. Losing a person so close to you can be one of the hardest moments you have to deal with, but healing from it can be too.

Purple plumeria lei floating in the ocean with the sun setting toward the blue ocean - Created in Honor of Aurora Moreno Flores

Life is too short. We are born, we grow, we love, we learn, we work, then retire, and then one day we die. All the memories we once shared with others suddenly becomes a thing of the past. So what do we do when this happens to someone close to you? How do we move on from such losses? And what are some ways to help cope with these types of situations in life?

In the past month and a half, both of my Grandmothers have passed away and the news of their deaths came as a complete shock. I didn’t know how to react properly and I honestly felt that accepting the truth was something I had a difficult time with. Many thoughts ran inside on how we could’ve spent more time or what could’ve prevented this from happening. But, in the end, I realized that I had to leave it all in God’s Hands.

Although there is nothing that can be done to bring them back physically, spiritually, their lives can still live on. Below, are a few tips when dealing with the loss of loved ones so that you too, can heal.

Grieve, its okay.

Losing a loved one can take huge toll on your mental and physical health, but everyone deals with it differently. It can take weeks, months or even years to really process the news of losing someone. Whatever stages of grief you are in, remember that there is no right or wrong way to do it. Grieving should never feel embarrassing. We are all human beings and we all have to go through hardships in life. Letting your emotions out will allow you to overcome the pain you feel inside and help you heal from the reality.

Remember Them!

Remember the memories you shared with that person. Think about all the good (and even bad) times you shared together. Ask yourself, What lessons did you learned from them? And how you can apply those lessons in your life starting now. Remembering how they acted, spoke, laughed a certain way, or did something that was a unique trade of theirs is a way to celebrate their life.

Raymond Enriquez with Grandmother, Andrea Manalo Enriquez Raymond Enriquez next to Grandmother, Aurora Moreno Flores

Top to Bottom: Me and Grandma Nene (Andrea Manalo Enriquez), Me and Grandma Auring (Aurora Moreno Flores), Grandpa Ponz (Alfonso Flores) and Grandma Auring

Let their Life Live on Through You

Another way of celebrating someones life is to allow their life to live on through you. The heartbreak that comes when dealing with the loss of loved ones doesn’t have to last forever. Eventually, you should allow yourself to continue on with life because it’s what they would wish for you. I know this can be hard to do, but accepting the fact that that person will never come back plays a significant role in moving forward with your life. Take as much time needed for this healing process. When you do decide to move ahead, remember to apply the lessons you’ve learned from them into your daily life.

Both of my Grandmothers expressed the importance of family, of loving others unconditionally and giving to those that were less fortunate than themselves. They both lived with a spirit full of joy, happiness, and love. Stricken with discipline from the notion of hard work to provide for their families. But, kind, loving, and humble knowing that this life won’t last forever. Up until the day they died, they lived up to all the values they shared with us. This set an example of what it meant to be a good person. By moving forward and applying those same values in my life, it honors their legacy and allows their lives to live on.

Colorful flower lei floating in the ocean with Diamond Head in the background - Created in honor of Andrea Manalo Enriquez

Dealing with the loss of loved ones can a very sensitive subject to express, but I am hoping that this blog post can shed some light on to those that are currently experiencing loss. Remember that time will eventually mend the broken pieces of your heart, back together and to always live a life full of positivity!

If you have any questions for me, or want to simply share how you were able to overcome the death of your loved one(s), please email me