Happy Earth Day!

Today, Thursday the 22nd of April 2021, marks the day the world celebrates its appreciation for Mother Earth (also known as Earth Day!) Take the time to go out, walk barefooted on the grass, a sandy beach or simply, go out in nature to enjoy its beauty. It still amazes me to this day, after the billions of years, that the earth is the only planet in our solar system that is able to sustain life. We are so lucky and blessed to have something so magnificent that provides us 24/7, with the necessary elements to live our lives. And for that, I am forever grateful to call Earth my home. Happy Earth Day Everyone!

Here’s a little treat during my Earth Day adventure this morning…This 10 year old Hawaiian Monk Seal’s name is Kolohe (according Robert, who volunteers to watch over these animals while they set their bellies on land). He has a distinct birthmark (aka “Beach Mark” on the right side of big belly. Such a beautiful animal right?!

Hawaiian Monk Seal by Raymond Enriquez Photography

Some Statistics on Hawaiian Monk Seals:

  1. Hawaiian Monk Seals are considered ENDANGERED SPECIES! There’s only about 1,400 of them that hang out around the Hawaiian Islands.(source)
  2. Spring and Summer Marks their mating season! You may notice more seals breach on land in larger groups because of this. (source)
  3. Hawaiian Monk Seals are federally protected. It’s a Class C Felony if you are caught touching these animals. Enjoy their beauty from a distance (at least 50 feet away). All they came to shore for is to get some rest so please respect their space.

Have a Great Earth Day Everyone!

Need help learning about photography so you can shoot these beautiful Hawaiian Monk Seals? Or just want to get out of the house to capture Earth Day? Check out my blog post for tips I for beginner photographers.

Hawaiian Monk Seal by Raymond Enriquez Photography