Hawaii Real Estate Listings and Art

Buying art can be a great way to attract prospective buyers to your Hawaii real estate listings. The beauty of Hawaii is highly known throughout the world. Many flock to the islands for its unique scenery, culture, and its lushes surroundings. If you’re a realtor looking for ways to increase your rate of sales, displaying art can be the answer you’re looking for. Adding artwork to a listing can help by showcasing Hawaii property and highlighting the beauty of the surrounding area. Here’s why Hawaii real estate listings and Art go hand in hand when trying to sell your property.

  1. Art creates a sense of place
  2. Art enhances the visual appeal of real estate listings
  3. Art can help demonstrate the lifestyle of Hawaii
  4. Art adds value to your property
  5. Listings that display art helps showcase the work of local artists
Hawaii Real Estate Listings and Art main image showing real estate properties near the ocean

1. Art can help creates a sense of place

The first benefit of having art in your real estate listing is that it can create a sense of place. Displaying art inside your property can showcase the essence of Hawaii and create a sense of belonging. You can do this by including works of sceneries that are in close proximity such as a photo or painting of a mom and pop shop in the town or a family-friendly beach or park that’s within walking distance. Local artwork can portray stories about Hawaii’s unique culture, history, and the traditions of the area. This can be alluring to buyers not familiar with the local area and are looking to learn more about it.

Surfing under the Cotton Candy Sunset skies at Haleiwa Beach, Hawaii

2. Art Enhances the Visual Appeal of Real Estate Listings

Another benefit of art is that it enhances the visual appeal of your listed property. Paintings, photos, or sculptures can add color, texture, and depth to a space. It can also serve as a focal point and draw prospective buyers to key features of the property. This can be useful for real estate that feature unique architectural designs or stunning views.

For instance, if the property has a huge backyard with an amazing view of the ocean, you can add a large photograph near an entry point to lead people in that direction.

Hawaii Real estate and Art that helps enhance the visual appeal of listings in Hawaii
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According to The Zebra, 82% of buyers find it easier to make purchase decisions when being able to visualize themselves living or working in it. Items such as furniture, appliances and most importantly, art can easily be staged prior to a showing to ease any tensions that may come along during decisive manners as such.

I love art and everything that it has to offer. If it were my choice, every property and building on this planet would have a piece of art hung on its walls.

As a former art installer that worked alongside interior and exterior decorators in the real estate industry, I quickly learned that empty spaces are boring spaces. At least from an aesthetic perspective. Filling a space with beautiful art can drastically change the way a space looks and feels.

Art itself can translate into emotions. Emotions are what makes people buy. So if you want someone to buy your property, place art in it that will stir up emotions to make prospects feel how they would feel as if they had already owned it.

3. Art can help demonstrate the lifestyle of Hawaii

Demonstrate the lifestyle that comes with living on the Hawaiian Islands through art. This can include photography prints of the ocean, land or wildlife in Hawaii. Art hung on the walls in a house, condo, or office space can convey the laid-back, beach lifestyle that many associate with Hawaii. This can make your Hawaii real estate attractive to retirees or out-of-state residents looking to invest in a vacation property.

Dreaming Hawaiian Monk Seal by Raymond Enriquez Photography. Hawaii Real Estate and Art
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The great thing about art is that some can provoke feelings of warmth, relaxation, and ease. Just some of the emotions that residents and visitors encounter when stepping foot on the islands. By displaying art in your real estate listings, you allow prospective buyers to become familiar with Hawaii’s authentic lifestyle and the spirit of Aloha that’s shared amongst its people.

4. Art adds Value to your Property

If you want to add value to a property, adding art is a perfect way to do so. According to the National Association of Realtors, you can increase offers by up to 23% just by staging alone.(source)

Considering staging decor elements of your property, not only to differentiate you from your competitors, but to add value to the property itself. Just don’t forget to place the art in a manner that works best in complimenting the space its in.

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5. Listings that display art help showcase the work of local artists

The last benefit Hawaii Real Estate listings and Art is that you’ll be showcasing the works of local artist. Hawaii’s home to many talented artists and by presenting their work in your real estate listing, you’ll be helping them thrive from the work they’re passionate about creating. This will also give the chance to contribute to Hawaii’s local art scene and can even attract potential buyers that are interested in supporting those local artists.

Closing Thoughts

There are many reasons why Hawaii Real Estate Listings and Art go hand in hand with one another. It not only benefits you as a realtor, but helps enhance the visual appeal and value of your property. Prospects want to get a glimpse of how it would feel owning your real estate. By creating a sense of place or demonstrating the lifestyle through works of art, you can be on your way to succeeding in closing the sale.

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Still need help looking for the right art for your listing? Check out some of these amazing local artists from Hawaii:

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  2. Mouse Hawaii (Photography)
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  4. RedThread Artistry (Digital Art)
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