More Resources for Submitting your Work

Finding resources as a beginner, novice, or professional photographer/artist to showcase your work can sometimes be difficult given the saturation of our industry. It may seem as if there is a secret society that only the fortunate artists are invited to. I am here to tell you that that iss not the case! All it takes is a little digging behind the scenes. After some extensive researching and falling into the “Rabbit Hole” of the world wide web, I’ve been able to find ton of more resources for submitting your work!

You can thank me later. ;P

Below is an extensive list of resources where you can submit more of your work into shows, competitions, and publications. I’ve even included a few links to artist grants for those of you looking for monetary funding for your creative projects.


* Previously mentioned in “Submitting your work to grow your Audience”


I’m hoping that providing more resources for submitting your work will ease some of the stresses that come along in pursuing your career as an artist. Make sure to check back here frequently as I am planning to update this list whenever I discover more helpful resources.